• To reserve please contact us at 450 246-3385 or complete the booking form below.
  • Reservations via the booking form below will be finalizez by phone.
  • We Accept Visa, Master Card and Interac.
If the phone line is busy, please leave us a message. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Booking Form

Type of EquipmentOne equipment per location
Departure timeIf the campsite is available, do you want an extended departure
Safari Park PackageWould you like to visit the Safari Park during your stay (15 minutes from the campsite)
Is this your first visit to Camping Grégoire?
No smoking of cannabis on the entire site. This prohibition also applies to a rented location (your site).
Electric scooters are completely prohibited at the campground. Electric motorcycles, electric skateboards, gyropods and Segways are prohibited at the campground. All small battery operated vehicles (motorcycles, 4-wheelers, etc.) are prohibited at the campground. Electric bikes are subject to approval by the management, on a case by case basis, according to their technical specifications.
By this reservation agreement of both parties (you and Camping Gregoire), you tacitly commit yourself to respect all the internal rules of Camping Gregoire. In case of doubt about the prohibitions on the site, it is your responsibility to inform the management before acting or before doing something that could be prohibited. The transgression of one of our rules confers to the management of the campground the right to expel the entire camping group and all its guests immediately, without refund and without recourse on the part of the latter. Translated with (free version)
I hereby confirm that I have read and agree with the cancellation policy set out above.