Camping Grégoire is a family affair. It begins with that of the Grégoire Family native from Saint-Valentin village. It was in this city that Marcel Gregoire and Noella Deneault settled to raise their family. In the 60s, the family bought land knowing they can harvest quality sand that was there. Unfortunately, the government expropriated the family to use the sand for the construction of Autoroute 15 between Montreal and upstate New York. Upon completion, they repossess and realize that the earth is covered by water veins they use to create an artificial lake. Expo 67 is coming fast and the family decided to develop the land into a campground to receive the multitude of tourists. All start oto create a clear and friendly campground that will be ready just in time for the festivities of the Expo. Unfortunately, the site is located too far from Montreal and tourists expected by the family were not presented.

Over the years, the beauty of the sandy beach and attract a loyal clientele which is becoming more and more growing . Three phases of expansions plated on ten years were necessary to meet the request. A fourth expansion took place in the 80s as well as the construction of a children's park. In 1994, the couple sold their land to enjoy a well deserved retirement. One of their son bought the quarry and the campground is sold to a couple who took over for a few years.

At the end of 2002 , the brothers Eric and Jacques Melançon also succumb to the charm of camping and bought the property in 2003. They give a fresh while maintaining the family side of the campsite. Several improvements have been made and the development of a new section for seasonal. The Melancon brothers , even today, several large projects in mind , some of which are already running. The company is once again in the hands of a family that has at heart the development of the site to meet the needs of customers. Camping Grégoire is more than 50 years of history !